The weird behavior of Pidgin!

This is not the first time I’m using Pidgin. But this is for the first time it behaves pretty weirdly. The reason goes like this:

Whenever I login to my google account via xmpp using the Pidgin, I can see myself online in the buddy list! Whao! What more? During logging in, it pings libnotify and notifies me that “Sajjad is Online”, with a nice pic of mine, smiling at me!

pidgin1 pidgin2

Problem started after a recent upgrade. For the sake of account, the pidgin version is 2.6.6

My first bug report on Ubuntu Lucid

Last day while me and Arky were fixing Ubuntu Lucid into some computers to be used by blind people, it came into our notice a very simple bug. These people depend on Orca Screen reader to make their way into computing. Unfortunately, at times, Orca crashes and they require to restart the X server to get in place. This was easy for them to press Ctrl + Alt + Backspace and then come back to the working environment.  But, in Lucid, after killing and restarting X server, gdm prompts for password to be keyed in, which is not desirable for these differently abled people.

The bug report is here