The weird behavior of Pidgin!

This is not the first time I’m using Pidgin. But this is for the first time it behaves pretty weirdly. The reason goes like this:

Whenever I login to my google account via xmpp using the Pidgin, I can see myself online in the buddy list! Whao! What more? During logging in, it pings libnotify and notifies me that “Sajjad is Online”, with a nice pic of mine, smiling at me!

pidgin1 pidgin2

Problem started after a recent upgrade. For the sake of account, the pidgin version is 2.6.6

Getting Pidgin voice video working on Karmic

Recently, I upgraded to the much awaited Karmic Koala from Jaunty. Experience with Jaunty was not so sweet. Anyways, thought to give a hand on Koala. Upgrade went successful. The only problem remaining was that I could not start voice or video chat using Pidgin. Koala comes with Empathy as the default client. But I never wanted to use that.
When ever I tried to start a voice chat I got the following error:

Error creating session: Could not create the rtp muxer element
Error adding stream.

This is just a trouble due to permissions to gstreamer and Farsight2. Follow the steps to get it right.

  1. Fire a terminal.
  2. Change directory to your home folder.
  3. Now type “mv .gstreamer .gstreamer.bak
  4. and “mv .farsight2 .farsight2.bak

We are moving the folders in order to be safe rather than deleting them, in case we need to restore them.