LaTeX Training and Career Tips, talk at MES College of Engineering.

Back in Bangalore after 6 days of awesome fun in Calicut. Took a break for Eid and hit home on Friday. Couple of mark lists and course certificates remained to be collected from the college. Hence I was planning a visit to MES this time. Spoke to Sajith Sir and found that Tuesday is a holiday, and decided to take Wednesday off and go to college.

After sometime, I ended up agreeing to do a LaTeX training for the final year computer science students on the same day. Later the Head of Department spoke to me over phone asking if I could share my experiences as a consultant and freelance hacker in Bangalore. So to sum up, this was it. Find everything related to the training here.

I took the early 6.45AM train to Kuttippuram and that was a ride into memories. It’s been four months since I stepped out of the campus and the long four years came rushing. Just bliss. Hung around a bit here and there and decided to get started with my work. Had to get no due confirmation from all the labs and departments. That was some work. Met Ranjith and Sharath, and that was totally wonderful.

The talk began a 1.30PM. I was supposed to talk around an hour but it was easily stretched to 3 hours straight. I was excited. The LaTeX part was easy. I knew students will doze off. Sessions right after lunch is perhaps the difficult to handle. Managed to get them ride through the very basics of document preparation and surprisingly there were a bunch of M.Tech students who had specific questions. We discussed over them and solved a few. Rakesh sir and Sajith sir added things which I missed to speak out. 1.5 hours. All good.

The next track was sharing my experiences and showcasing why the students need not run behind corporate jobs. I started off with the things which I achieved over the small period of 3 months in Bangalore. Shared some nightmares, fun filled events etc. Spoke about Geohackers, Azim Premji Foundation, Boost Tech and HasGeek. In fact, I asked them to start a github account and get some visibility as soon as possible. There you go, lot of question and I quickly moved to “Clients from Hell”, pause, laughs, applause :)

I was done. Three hours and my throat ached like anything, but my heart filled with joy when the Head of Department had his take on what I spoke and how he noticed our batch to be one of the best outgoing in his two minute roundup. I was excited. I literally cried.

Thank you so much for having me speaking in the campus again, everyone.



Report Class for LaTeX: Highly modified

Finally, posting it here. Went through lot troubles to get the stuff in place. As I really did not understand what each clause in the class file meant, most of the time was spend messing up the page layout and features. Thankful to Department of Communication Technology, Aalborg University, for sharing the IES report class, which I obtained from here.

Download the modified report class from here and the TeX file from here.

The TeX file contains references to a bibliography too. You could easily try and hack.

Daily Notes Slides using LaTeX

Classes have been too boring for everyone of us. And there is no way out other than listening to what is said in the class room, to pass the internal exams. Everyone of us got sick with running around for notes on the eve of exam. So, just thought to create our own notes. But, all of us cant listen all the topics discussed everyday, for obvious reasons. Few of us plan to collaboratively build the slides using LaTeX. This is a very basic idea, cant predict how things will go.

The raw template is something like this

\title{Software Engineering}
\author{Sajjad Anwar}
\frametitle{What is a Software Engineering?}
\item It is an engineer approach towards software development.
\item Software engineering is the basis of Industrial Software development.
\item The principles are applied in practice
\item Please add more..

Wish us Good Luck! :D