AndroidCamp Bangalore

I’m sleep deprived and tired to write down all the awesome time I had at the AndroidCamp.
Jobless in the bus, so I should attempt to write something.

AndroidCamp was one of the best unconference that I’ve been to in Bangalore. I was so excited when Kiran and Kesava came up with this idea. I remember the discussions on the list that there were more than 200 sign ups within 48 hours of announcement.
Soon I found the proposals website a wonderful idea that all unconferences should adopt.
Met a bunch of interesting people who do 100 other things around Android. I was too happy to find that there are people who hate Java and love Android :)

So copying from Manish Sinha. :)
Read it all here.

Experimenting PyS60 on my Nokia 6600

Another lazy day, and did not take very long for me realize this was the 5th day of the study holidays. Had enough fun, sleep and hacks. This would add to it. Was exchanging few email conversations with Arky and don’t know from where in the world, the thought about his Nokia N70 struck me. I remember, how difficult it was to get him over phone during the NIT-C Mapping Party, because the phone was not interested in answering calls anymore, rather, run Python scripts!

And should I say more? I’m the proud owner of a six year old Nokia 6600, and I’m not gonna change it. Googled for Python S60 and came up to the PyS60¬†wiki run by Nokia and the project page. Figured out the suitable latest PyS60 1.4.5 release for Symbian 2nd edition phones, downloaded two files: 1. PythonForS60, 2. PythonScriptShell, installed both on the phone and whao! I’m running Python on my phone. I was too happy to resist tweeting. Downloaded the documentation and found many useful libraries for messaging, GPS etc. Wrote a simple script for SMS flooding.

import messaging
for i in range(0,10):
messaging.sms_send(“9846492504”, “Poda!”, name=”Nijad”)
import messaging
for i in range(0,10):
	messaging.sms_send("xxxxxxxxxx", "Poda!", name="abc")
Spoke to Nijad over phone, and confirmed that the study holidays are going to be hacking holidays.