The “Weird” problem in Ubuntu Karmic.

Despite of the pulling head ache, I am sitting down to brief the “Weird” problem in Ubuntu Karmic. The key icon of this story is a Dell Studio 14 laptop. My friend recently bought it, and on our special interests, agreed to change over to Ubuntu Karmic. Well, the installation went very well, happy, all well. Installed required packages. But unfortunately, no sound.
But I had similar experiences with an HP Pavillion and Toshiba laptops, hence thought, few simple hacks might get the audio up.
Started with trying volume levels of ALSA. Checked for any conflicts between ALSA and Pulseaudio. Upgraded ALSA. Still, no sound. Edited alsa-conf as per a how-to from But still could not get the sound up. Switched to #ubuntu and #alsa on freenode. Resorted to their help. After 6 hours, #ubuntu defined as the “weird” problem. Test, diagnostics, everything seemed to be positive. But still, no sound. Would update more regarding this here.