ALPR using Free Software: Paper at MESTECH 2010

Bagged the first place for the technical paper presentation in MESTECH 2010. Pitched in ALPR using Free Software. You can take a look at the paper here.

Thanking Nijad, Shehzad, and Saalim for all the support. And I don’t have words to thank Sajith sir, who always pushed forward to get things done and mentored us through out the process. Thank you sir!

Automatic License Plate Recognition: Interim Presentation

Posting right after the mini project interim presentation. The project is basically a computer vision system, which recognizes the license plate from an image of a vehicle. The entire team was talking different parts. I can proudly say this is perhaps my first perfect beamer presentation using LaTeX. You can get the document here.

Happy to share the LaTeX source file here.