“It’s called growing up, young man!”

I don’t know whether I want to write this post, but yeah may be. The last two weeks were super stressful. So much shit I was dealing with. Unwanted guests, dad being unwell, stuff at work – between jobs and what not. It was hard. And even when I tried to sit down and code, thinking that would make me feel better, I got bogged down with thoughts. Kingsly, Zainab and I spent a lot of time together than usual. And when I tweeted, I meant that. Kingsly is the island of calmness. His words are selected out of the best. It’s been a blessing to have him around. We would talk about everything, let alone bitching about relatives :P

Zainab was desperately trying to realize the fact that her PhD is delayed and she’s now working hard to put together The Fifth Elephant. And I realized that when she’s not able to write, she gets super stressed. When we are together, we are like kids. Heh. <clicks>

(/me can hear Z saying “I see” :P)

I went home without knowing when I could return. Dad was diagnosed for Retinal Occlusion. That was hard. And I learned that he’s going to be subjected to 4 weeks of laser treatment. I had no choice other than to go home and be with them, I guess they were quite relieved.

While telling this whole story to Francesca, I was like “I don’t want to deal with so many stuff at the same time”. I was also missing RootConf. Parag and Anu were also not around and I could see Nigel slightly freaking out, I felt really bad that I won’t be around.

Francesca said just this – “It’s called growing up, young man! ”

Wait, what?

3 thoughts on ““It’s called growing up, young man!””

    1. Ask me about it! This was from last week though. I tell you, the last couple of weeks, there’s so much happening which reminds me of just this :)

  1. Landed up here while looking for statistics related to Indic Wikipedia. Interesting stories. Loved the beach poem.

    You might want to check if it was a retinal artery occlusion or a retinal vein occlusion your dad suffered from – I am guessing that the latter is more likely. It is immaterial anyway, but I just can’t take my eyes off anything that sounds close to medicine. :)

    You got another follower. Happy blogging!

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