Automatic License Plate Recognition: Interim Presentation

Posting right after the mini project interim presentation. The project is basically a computer vision system, which recognizes the license plate from an image of a vehicle. The entire team was talking different parts. I can proudly say this is perhaps my first perfect beamer presentation using LaTeX. You can get the document here.

Happy to share the LaTeX source file here.

5 thoughts on “Automatic License Plate Recognition: Interim Presentation”

  1. may you please email me the source code of your project? I am a student and trying to accomplish the same thing you did :) Thanks.

  2. Hello, Sajjad. I’ve read your paper – it gave me a lot of new ideas.
    Joining @metin, I’m working on a similar algorithm at university and would very much like to see the source code you’ve developed.
    Could you please send it to me via e-mail?
    Thanks in advance, Stanislav.

    1. Hello Stanislav,

      Have you gotten any further in your progress with this project? Would be really interested in your results.

      Best regards,

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