Daily Notes Slides using LaTeX

Classes have been too boring for everyone of us. And there is no way out other than listening to what is said in the class room, to pass the internal exams. Everyone of us got sick with running around for notes on the eve of exam. So, just thought to create our own notes. But, all of us cant listen all the topics discussed everyday, for obvious reasons. Few of us plan to collaboratively build the slides using LaTeX. This is a very basic idea, cant predict how things will go.

The raw template is something like this

\title{Software Engineering}
\author{Sajjad Anwar}
\frametitle{What is a Software Engineering?}
\item It is an engineer approach towards software development.
\item Software engineering is the basis of Industrial Software development.
\item The principles are applied in practice
\item Please add more..

Wish us Good Luck! :D

3 thoughts on “Daily Notes Slides using LaTeX”

  1. When i was in MES, Software engineering was usually taught using slides only. Which were well written and was enough to get through the exams.

    Now i don’t know how it is taught, but i am not quite sure why are you using beamer for this :)


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