Converting log to gpx

One of the lessons from the NIT-C Mapping Party was regarding the conversion of .log files to .gpx formats. The OpenMoko, records the GPS data in .log format. But the map editors, uses gpx format. There had been two important converters suggested, one, a python script, other, a perl script. We resorted to use the python script. Straight away converted the files and opened in JOSM. Whao! All of us were out of words. Better you watch the pic below!

log --> gpx
log --> gpx

The problem was that, OpenMoko records speed, altitude and other close information. These resulted in the circles within the gpx file. We had to open the python script and comment out those lines which converted the altitude and other unwanted details, as follows.

#    f.write(”        <ele>” + riga[2] + “</ele>”)
#    f.write(”        <speed>” + riga[3] + “</speed>”)
#    f.write(”        <course>” + riga[4] + “</course>”)
#    f.write(”        <fix>3d</fix>”)
#    f.write(”        <hdop>” + riga[5] + “</hdop>”)

Convert the log again with the script edited as above, this should work fine!

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